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Dear all,

recently I have received a CT scan of concrete sample in *.rec format which I am not able to open with Fiji. The aim is to track the cracks in the concrete.

Until now in my research I have been working with medical CT scanner and dicom files. However these scans were made using industrial scanner RayScan 250E. The company who did the scan uses well known commercial 3D visualization and analysis software to read and analyse the scans with no problem.

I have tried various options when importing file using bio-fomats (range of import, crop on import and etc.), import Raw, also I have tried out other open source software (Mango, Paraview, Slicer, Drishti) with no success. The information search on *.rec file format description in order to shed more light on this topic was not successful either.

Is this a file format compatibility issue, do I need some specific plug-in to open the file or the use the commercial software is unavoidable?
I would appreciate any help or information!

Here is the link to the file:

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here is a list of formats that are supported by the “Bio-Formats” i/o-plugin:

and here you get information about files with .rec suffix:

As far as I know, the “Bio-Formats” plugin comes with the Fiji-Installation of ImageJ but you may use it with plain ImageJ as well.



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@Zirggi_ Opening your *.rec file using Bio-Formats with the Metadata only option, I get the following:

A size (xyz) of ~250 Petapixels seems to be a bit implausible to me, so I’d classify this as a bug in Bio-Formats, that is best reported directly to the Bio-Formats team.

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Thank you everybody for your information and links!
Small update on the issue with *.rec file:
I have reported the problem to Bio-Formats team as Jan suggested. They have tested the file and found that data appears to be formatted differently. The good news is that the team will work on adding support for this *.rec file with major priority. Although the milestone is unscheduled lets hope it will be sometime in near future!

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Glad to see you have resolved your problems. I am recently starting a new project of analyzing the cracks in 3D CT scans, but has completely no ideas of how. I found someone using Fiji to do it and trace it to this forum. My scanning result is a stack of tiff files. If possible, could you share me some of your experience with such analysis? Thanks a lot.

@trl Please start a new topic with your question, and we will try to help you.

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