Opening QuckTime MOV files

I am trying to import .MOV files into imageJ2. I get an error message that this is not a supported format.
The website says that ImageJ2 uses SCIFIO and that “SCIFIO also ships with support for several QuickTime codecs, allowing ImageJ to read QuickTime MOV files even in 64-bit mode without QuickTime for Java.”

Can someone help teach me how to get .MOV files into ImageJ2? Thanks!

Hello @tfischer78,
I think you need to update your Fiji with ffmpeg update site.

have a nice day,

Thanks, I tried that but it didn’t seem to work.

Yes, sorry checking now it seems that there are some problems with quicktime and new version of Java or Fiji.

I suggested you ffmpeg because some time ago I tried it and it worked with quicktime movie, and it was reported in some other posts here like this one:

have a nice day and let’s see if someone else can help us