Opening OPERETTA tiff files


I have difficulties opening exported tiff files from Perkin Elmer’s OPERETTA instrument.The instrument has a 14bit camera, but I doubt this is the problem. I suspect something in the header. There is also an xml file, which I have cleared from the folder and I still have a weird picture. Essentially, the image is split in 4 quadrants and I don’t understand what is done to the intensities. I would appreciate some help on this. Thank you.

Opening this image with CP version 10415 gets me the attached image, albeit with some nasty looking Java error messages. Can you post what you get?


the image you get looks much better than mine. Attached is what I get when I open using v10415 run on a Mac. Where I can see the Java errors? Nothing pops up on my version (tried from two different Macs).

sorry the file did not seem to be attached to my last message. Here it is.

Hi Marc,
Sorry about the delayed reply. I have a fix which you should be able to apply to your installed version. First, download our latest copy of the file, loci_tools.jar, from our SVN: … _tools.jar

Right click on the CellProfiler application and choose “Show Package Contents” and navigate to the folder, “Resources/bioformats”, and replace the loci_tools.jar file with the one you’ve downloaded. You can then try opeining one of your images, please tell me if it doesn’t work.


Hi Lee,

I have just successfully opened a few images. Thank you very much for the quick fix!