Opening Nikon .nds files

I would like to open .nds image files produced by Nikon software in Fiji/ImageJ. Although I am able to open .nd2 files produced by the same software, .nds files are not recognized. The error message displayed is “Opener: File is not in a supported format, a reader plugin is not available, or it was not found.” Could someone please advise how such files may be opened or converted to a format that Fiji/ImageJ can recognize?

Well I found as an ImageJ plugin:

And from Nikon directly a free alternative (whereas a conversion to *.tiff is supported according to the description):

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The Bio-Formats Importer plugin, which is included with Fiji, handles ND2. The ND2 format is very complex and Bio-Formats has put a great deal of effort into supporting it well at this point. The Nikon ND2 Reader plugin looks like it has not been updated in years.

As for NDS, this is actually the first I have heard about that format. Is it new? You can follow the Bio-Formats reporting a bug instructions to request support for new formats. The OME team will of course need some sample data.