Opening metadata .xml files?

Just to preface this, I’m pretty new to ImageJ, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to upload my metadata files (they’re .xml files) into Fiji and I get these pop-up errors saying that the file format is not supported, a reader plugin is not available, or “it wasn’t found”. How do I resolve this?



XML is not really a format per se, but rather a class of formats. What you have is some particular flavor of XML. What software is producing these? Can you post a sample file?

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Here’s a link to the file:


This XML file appears to be from a Zeiss AxioVision system. No? In that case, it should be a companion metadata file to the TIFF file(s) in the same folder. Did you try using File :arrow_forward: Import :arrow_forward: Bio-Formats on one of the TIFF files? It should hopefully also parse the XML file automatically, as part of the image import. Does that suit your needs?


It does! Thank you so much!

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I’m having the same problem as @jyh. Unfortunately all my files are jpeg and i tried importing it - and only one image gets imported and neither does the meta data file. Also new to imagej and would appreciate any help - thanks x

@sh95 It sounds like your acquisition format might not be supported by Bio-Formats yet. Sharing a complete dataset, along with information on what kind of system produced the data, would be very helpful for us to consider adding support in the future. Let’s continue to discuss on the other thread you already started, rather than here.