Opening .Lof file in fiji

I did a large tile scan on a Leica Microscpe. The images were saved in a .Lof format. I am ubabel to open the images in fiji . I have tried to open image by drag/drop and also using bioformat importer. I get an error that file is undupported or the plugin in unavailable. Can someone help with this issue and direct me to the correct plugin or methodology for opening .lof files?

“ome”, “omero” or “bio-formats”

Hi @kapish_gupta,

As @NicoKiaru said on Opening .lof Leica files, there’s no update. Copying the content that @NicoKiaru was pointing to from BioFormats - Lifext: pyramid support for Leica LIF file : status? :

Realistically as mentioned in one of the links in the LOF thread (OME’s position regarding file formats ), this is not likely to be added via the open source side in the short term. Other similar format work recently has been as a result of external contributions to the project, either by the manufacturer or the community, or through work commissioned via Glencoe Software.

Additionally from Opening .lof Leica files :clap:

It makes complete sense that you need a way to access the many TBytes of data you have collected in .lof format. … To be very blunt-- we’d prefer to spend hard-won grant funds on developing new functionality for the community. Have you contacted Leica and asked them how they plan to ensure the community can contend with yet another file format (YAFF) without resorting to indirect subsidies from government-funded community projects?

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