Opening color Hyperstacks


I have returned to use fiji since a while and now I’ve found a wierd way to open hyperestacks. My images (xyz) are in color, but when they are imported (bioformats) they are displayed in grayscale. I want them in the original colors.
I have tried with hyperestacks to stack and then stack to hyperestacks by setting the colors. It works, but I am really convinced that these are not the original colors of the image.
Anyone have any idea why grayscale is the default setting, even if I change the bioformat settings? And how can I make the hyperstack open in RGB color?


What format are the images in? Are these saved by exporting with the Bio-Formats Exporter?
Also, when importing the images does changing the Color Mode option to Colorized make a difference or does it still appear grayscale?

The format of images is .zvi (from zeiss). In fact, these images can be imported as normal hyperstacks, however, the “Colorized” color mode did not make any difference, the grayscale is still appear.
I’ve already tried to import with “color mode” option “Customize” and then I made a composite of the three channels. It seems work but somehow I still think there is a good reason for this kind of bug (open directly in grayscale)


In the first place, your image feels like a grayscale 3 channels with LUT, is that different?
Even if different, it seems the best thing to convert RGB to 3-channel gray scale due to the nature of the “Hyperstack”.
*In the bio-format, Lut information written in the metadata of the image is read and used, and if it cannot be determined in the bio-format, it is probably displayed in gray scale (or default color?).
This means that it needs to be opened with “Customize”.


If you wish to send a sample file for me to test and take a closer look at you can send it to