Opening an AVI file in Fiji using FFMPEG


I’m having a similar problem to the above. I’ve managed to update ImageJ and i’ve added FFMPEG to my sites, but I’m not sure on what to do next. I’m trying to open an AVI video file in ImageJ and it keeps saying its unsupported and I was advised to use a FFMPEG update site for videos. How do I open my video in FFMPEG?

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Can you share a sample file that is not working?

Yeah, i’m happy to share the file, whats the best way to share?

Not sure if AVI files are allowed to be uploaded here, but if not, a link to wherever you can host the file usually works. Google Drive associated with making a free google account can hold up to 15GB (I have quite a few dummy accounts just for storage). And there are plenty of other options like FirefoxSend, DropBox, etc.

I’ve uploaded it to google drive, whats your email?

You can either post the link in a comment for more general help, or click on anyone’s name on the forum to message them directly. I don’t really have much experience with AVI file problems (they have always just worked) so I might not be the best one to help.

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For anyone else, I get the error:
I used the updater to include the FFMPEG plugin listed here:

Restarted FIJI
And got the same error.

Anyone else have any ideas?

*Is there any chance you could export them as three different videos rather than three combined?

Yeah thats the same error i’m getting, I might have to look into this. I’m using a demo notebook in jupyter at the moment, i’m not very confident with code etc, so i’ll have to try and work around this.

If you want to analyze the images, I would recommend either trying to output a series of .tif files or a single tif file as a stack (per tile). That should be fairly standard ways of doing that through Jupyter… that said I have never done it myself.

Opened fine for me via File > Import > Movie (FFMPEG) as long as I didn’t have virtual stack ticked.


Thanks! I definitely installed the plugin and then still tried to use Import->AVI thinking it would then have access to the codecs.


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Thank you so much! its works :smile: