Open pointcloud (ply) in ImageJ

Hello, I am new in the software.
I am trying to make comparisons of two pointclouds so I would like to know if it is possible to open a pointcloud (3D, ply or pcl format) from ImageJ or any ImageJ plugins.


Hey @adr_arroyo

From an old post on the ImageJ mailing list… the person wanted to generate a point-cloud in ImageJ as well in 3D. They were pointed to 3D Tools suite. Might be worth a look.

Perhaps others know better though to advise you… this at least is a start.

eta :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I guess this is software is not really used for what I want but I appreciate it.

Finally did you find something to open ply files ? I’m very interested since I’m developing on a plugin that works with point cloud.

Otherwise I will write at least some piece of code to open/save ply files and display them as point ROI into a 3D image stacks.


sorry mate, but, at least in this software, I could not find any way to open the pointclouds (ply files)
I guess that you could be the first if you make that plugin.
Now that you mention, how much time would you need to develop it? Maybe I will make use of it


If you want to contribute, then please join in on ThreeDViewer. That is where pointcloud rendering should go. Ply file reading should probably be in imagej-mesh which is where other 3D file I/O is going at the moment.

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Thanks! I’ll try to join. I will do something as clean as possible for ply I/O, that hopefully will be incorporated in ThreeDViewer. However I already started an independent plugin with a custom made viewer. I know it’s not really great but when I looked for a 3D Viewer, 3DViewer was outdated, and it was not clear what would be the next viewer.

Anyway, I’ll let you know, as for the schedule this will be in about 2-3 weeks I guess.

Ok, just to give a disclaimer about adding a custom viewer. In some ways, the more code the better, but please be aware that we are building on @skalarproduktraum’s Scenery which is quite possibly the most advanced 3D renderer on the JVM. Also, I will be working with @skalarproduktraum at his home base in Dresden full-time for the entire summer to finalize a ThreeDViewer release.

Please do whatever works for you the best, but just be aware that quite a few of us are already focused on a replacement to 3D Viewer.

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No worry, my intent is not at all to make a viewer, it’s a segmentation plugin. It’s just that I needed an efficient viewer for point clouds, and 3DViewer was not modular enough to make what I wanted. Thus I developed one, but I would have preferred to spend some time on something else.

So I’m happy to learn there will be a new nicely maintained ThreeDViewer. If I have time (and depending of the usefulness of my plugin), I will remove my internal viewer and use yours.


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