Open Image via Script

Hey. I have a project with some pictures.
I wanted to know how to open a picture via script?
If I open a picture via script and there is already another opened is it possible to close the opened pictures without savings?

Do you mean you want to access the pixel information from a picture that is not currently open, or load a new picture into the Viewer without using the Project tab? Or something else?

Oh sorry for my bad english! Let´s say for example i have a project with 50 images inside. i want to load the first picture to the viewer. then i would like to make a annotation and some calcultation for that image. After that i want to load the second image to the viewer…

If you are doing this all automatically through a script, you don’t need to load anything into the viewer and can use Run->Run for project.
More on that here.

If you want to manually create the annotations while within a script or extension, that… is a Pete question.

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Note also the ‘without save’ option beisde it in the menu :slight_smile: