Open Image Analyst Position in Translational Tissue Technology Group at Genentech

Remote to start. San Francisco Bay Area in future. Please DM if interested. Thanks!

Contractor (Image Analysis),

Translational Tissue Technologies (T3) Lab, Pathology

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced digital pathology image analyst to support projects in our Translational
Tissue Technology (T3) laboratory. This laboratory generates novel biological insights from tissue
samples using - among other techniques - highly multiplexed in situ protein and RNA assays as well as
non-optical detection methods (imaging mass cytometry). #digitalpathology


  • Support image processing and analysis of multiplex images, including tissue and cell segmentation, cell phenotyping using immune marker co-localization, and digital spatial analyses with a focus on multiplex IF
  • Independently design algorithms in one or more digital pathology analysis software packages and be expected to document algorithm development methods and support laboratory colleagues using these methods
  • Work both independently to lead project-specific solutions and collaboratively in larger teams to support implementation of existing algorithms.
  • Document projects, algorithms and results in detail with the ability to proofread/fact-check and record results in laboratory information systems.
  • Prepare and present findings from image analysis projects to other scientists and cross-functional teams within Genentech
  • Work in a deadline oriented manner, and submit high quality work on time, while handling several concurrent, fast-paced projects.
  • Manage commercial software updates


  • Graduate degree (MSc, PhD, or equivalent) in biological science/engineering/computer science/informatics with at least 1 year post-graduate experience in supporting applied experimental pathology techniques
  • Relevant professional experience in an industry or core lab setting using pathology software such as Visiopharm, QuPath or HALO is strongly preferred
  • Comfortable writing code in languages such as R or Python for statistical analysis and data visualization
  • Ability to present complex results, both verbally and in writing to team members
  • Excellent communication, multitasking, organization, record keeping, problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively in a team are therefore essential
  • Solid understanding of tissue based multiplexing technologies, a proactive attitude, and independence in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment


  • Hands-on experience with Visiopharm image analysis software
  • Co-authorship of publications in high impact scientific, technical or medical journals
  • Familiarity with cell biology and microscopy
  • Background in Oncology/Immuno-Oncology and/or experience working with the tumor microenvironment of human pathological samples

About Us:
The Department of Pathology is embedded within Genentech’s Research and Early Development
Organization and works to ensure that strategies for the treatment and cure of disease are based on
accurate analyses of pathogenetic mechanisms. The Department Pathologists collaborate with and
provide expert support to our core laboratories and research scientists in the discovery,
characterization, and development of novel therapeutic products for a variety of human diseases.
These include diseases caused by malignant transformation or dysfunction of the nervous or immune
systems. The T3 Core lab is a state-of-the-art lab equipped with automated instrumentation, which
evaluates and deploys existing tissue technologies for biomarker research, discovery, and assay
development, as well as performing external due diligence of new assay, imaging, and analysis

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