Open dialogue windows from the macro language

Hey community,
This is my first post on this forum (and generally on any forum on the www I guess), so please forgive mistakes, and I hope this question has not been asked by someone before. I have not been able to find an answer online so far. So:

Is there a way to open a dialogue window from FIJI out of a macro (specifically I want the macro to open the “Set measurement” window, to prompt the user to set the measurements they want to have and then proceed with its analysis). I know how to prompt the user to choose a file directory for example with directory = getDirectory(“Choose a Directory”);
So I imagined that there are similar commands to open other windows?

Thanks for any help or redirection to other resources.


Simply use the ImageJ macro recorder to get the commands of the macro language, see:

To open the “Set Measurements” dialog it is:

run("Set Measurements...");

Thank you so much! I would never have thought it could be so simple…
I always copied the line from the macro recorder that contained all the settings, like:
run(“Set Measurements…”, “area mean center bounding fit shape redirect=None decimal=3”);
and then it wouldn’t open the window itself. So the trick is just leaving out the specifications afterwards…
And it works for any window. Crazy. Thanks again!!