Open Deltavision files

I have used bio-formats window to open deltavision files (movie of stacks and two channels) without any problem. This was months ago, now I cannot open the same files anymore. I have checked bio-formats configuration and the option “enabled” is selected for deltavision files. Any advice?
Thanks a lot in advance!!

I suggest sending a bug report to the Bio-Formats team. Note that they will need a detailed, well-written report in order to have a chance to fix the issue. They may also need you to uploading a sample non-working file so that they can reproduce the issue locally.

It would be helpful to know:

  • Is there an error message? What is it, precisely? (Use copy/paste)
  • With which version of ImageJ and Bio-Formats did it work previously?
  • Have you tried with a fresh download of Fiji lately?
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Thank you very much!! I just tried with a fresh download of Fiji and it worked again!!

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