Oocyte vizualization in 3d

Good time of a day, friends.

I would be happy if you can give me few bits of advice on the following problem:

I have rather nice looking oocyte z-stack. And I need to make a 3d version for presentation. However, I am not able to make any kind of good looking 3d visualization whatever I try.
I have tried different thresholding, background subtraction, finding edges (both using plugin and manually substracting Gaussians from each other). All these approaches seem to have some meaningful results in 2d: image become less noisy or edges are better seen. However, I still get quite ugly 3d image.

If someone can give me a tip what to do and in what approaches to try - I will be very grateful. Or to tell me I cannot do it using such kind of image. Maybe I am missing some crucial 3d manuals and approaches - very sorry if so. I have tried looking for a solution before posting, but maybe I have missed some keywords in my search.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Stack file