Online manual shows version 2.0 documentation, for MeasureCorrelation

Hi, heroes of CP

An observation:

The html version of the CP2 manual seems to be giving the information from CP version 2.0 - at least for the MeasureCorrelation module:
This mainly means that only two measures are described, whereas the stable version (2.2.0) has six.

The module help from inside of CP version 2.2.0 does describe all six measures, so the information is available - you just cannot print it (I know, there is such a function in CP, but it doesn’t seem to work on Mac and neither does “Send report…” when the error appears).

As mentioned, this is just an observation, all the information is available:
This is enormously useful and well documented software and I use it all the time.

Thank you for doing this!


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Many thanks for this notice !

We’re in a “transitional” time between old and new releases so there might be not perfection everywhere. So we really appreciate such feedbacks to help us improve the future CellProfiler.


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