OMERO.web with OMERO.server both 5.5.1 (Ubuntu 16.04)


When I initialize OMERO.web. I proceed to see the status and I get a no started, why is that ?, Another thing I get on the website is a 502 Bad Gateway error, why is that too ?, in relation to the Nginx I installed it following the steps of the web and put the omero-web.conf configuration file in the respective Nginx configuration folder, but when I put that file there, then I can’t run Nginx, I get an error, however when I get that configuration file I can run it, but getting the error on the web 502 Bad Gateway. Another thing, install the OMERO 5.5.1 server, then followed the instructions to install OMERO.web 5.5.1 in conjunction with the server. I want to know if I need to activate the OMERO.server for the OMERO.web to work?

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First and foremost, I’d strongly encourage you to try OMERO.server and OMERO.web 5.6. See ACTION REQUIRED NOW: Critical security release of OMERO.server 5.6.1 and OMERO.web 5.6.3 for more information.

To be able to login, yes.

As to the other questions, I’d say let’s start with one, e.g. why nginx isn’t starting, and then move through step by step. In that particular case, nginx -t will test the nginx configuration and tell you what’s going wrong.

Which operating system you are using?

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Hi, Josh

Nginx is working now, but when I go to the websites I get a message that tell me 502 Bad Gateway, that happens always that I restart my pc or turn off, it mens, when I installed Nginx, I get the message of welcome of Nginx, but when I turn off or restart my pc I get that message. Another thing is, maybe for that reason Nginx shows something like that, I start OMERO.web, but when I see the status it tells me NO STARTED, why?, please I need help, I am working on a project and this is very important for me.

502 Bad Gateway

Ok, I have saw that when the OMERO.web does not work or start we get that message abot maintenance. I got it. But, the next question is about:




omero-web configuration in site-enabled: I dont know if I need to change something of that, but OMERO gives me that document, I did not edit something abot it.


I use Ubuntu 16.04

Josh, good service, very quicky, thanks so much and congratulations!!

If I understand correctly, I wouldn’t be surprised if your OMERO.web needs restarting on a PC/VM restart, at least if you haven’t installed a service to enable it on boot.

Can you possibly share your var/log/OMEROweb.log as well as your web configuration from omero config get?

Also, can you check if any gunicorn processes are running with ps auxw?

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