OMERO.web maintenance page

Hi OME team,

We need to do some upgrade work on our production OMERO 5.6.1 and I want to make sure a pretty maintenance page will show while omero-web is down. According to the docs this should happen automatically and it doesn’t (it shows an ugly nginx 502 Bad Gateway error page) so I traced back how that should happen and I can’t figure it out.

According to the nginx.conf file I think it should come from /opt/omero/web/etc/templates/error/maintenance.html but there’s nothing there. And when I copy the maintenance.html from the equivalent location in /opt/omero/server/OMERO.server/etc/templates/error, it still doesn’t show a nicer page. Not sure what to try next.


There’s an open PR that’s meant to fix the maintenance page:

We haven’t fully reviewed it yet, but you could try making those changes to your own configuration?