Omero.web installation

Following error is displayed while installation of omero.web:
[root@localhost ~]# omero config append – omero.web.middleware ‘{“index”: 0, “class”: “whitenoise.middleware.WhiteNoiseMiddleware”}’
-bash: omero: command not found
How to resolve this resolve?

It’s typical to have first installed omero-py or omero-web with pip install. Is there a Python virtual environment you need first to be activating or perhaps some setting for OMERODIR? How did you get to this point, which installation guide are you following?

Hi mtbc,
Thanks for the response. I am following the official omero.web installation on CentOS 7 and IcePy 3.6. I have set the python virtual environment as well as OMERODIR as per the documentation.

If the omero command isn’t found, then it sounds like for this terminal process, you will need to reactivate your virtual environment with source activate $VENV/bin/activate. You should also likely be either the omero-server or the omero-web user rather than root.