OMERO.web copy and paste of display range does not work for multiple selection

You can copy and paste display range values to another image on OMERO.web. You can spread the current display range setting to all the images in the dataset and save.

But I found that you cannot paste display range to multiple images at once. The preview pane can be disabled, but as long as the selected items share the same number of channels etc as the copied display range, pasting should be available.

This is practically very frustrating. So I’m pretty sure people would love it if it is implemented!


Hi Kouichi,

You can do this in the left panel ‘tree’ in the webclient using the right-click menu.
Rendering Settings > Paste and Save

You can even do this for 1 or more Datasets. Any images that are not compatible (different number of Channels or different pixel type) will be ignored.



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Uh-huh, I couldn’t think of that. This is very helpful, thank you!