OMERO User Training Sessions-- Dundee, April 8-9

Dear All-

OME is glad to announce the first of two scheduled training workshops for OMERO Users. The first Dundee OMERO Users Workshop will start the morning of April 8 and end the afternoon of April 9, 2019. The workshop will be held in the Dalhousie building at the University of Dundee, in Dundee, Scotland.

This workshop will cover use of OMERO and is targeted to experimental scientists, imaging facility managers, and other imaging scientists. We will demonstrate and provide hands-on practical experience using OMERO for managing, analysing and publishing your data. We will demonstrate these functions with data from multi-dimensional microscopy, high content screening, and digital pathology.

Separate workshops will be held at other times that focus on the development of applications that use OMERO (OMERO for Developers) and also that provide training for running the OMERO application (OMERO for DevOps).

To register for the meeting fill out the form at You don’t need edit access to fill out the form. Registrations are open now and will be taken til midnight GMT, March 15, 2019. The registration form requests information on your research needs and your use of OMERO. Please fill this out considering the relevance of the workshop to your and your colleagues research, as appropriate. This information will help us screen applications in case we have more applications than workshop spaces.

Please note that registration is free, but if you are accepted, we will request a £75 workshop fee that supports catering, workshop materials, and a workshop dinner. Please also note we have no funds to support travel or accommodation at the workshop.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please do post them here or on the OME Forums (

As always, thanks for your interest and support.



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