Omero update site

Hi people,

i want to create plugins for interaction with omero, this used to be easy with the plugin site, but since we migrated to version 5.6. there is no plugin site available anymore and i can no longer interact like this.

Anybody have a solution for this issue?


Hi Joost
I assume you are referring to
This currently only contains the jar for imagej-omero
We need to push the omero_ij jar from to the update site.
It depends what you need, I have not looked at the status of imagej-omero yet.



It’s been a while since i had time to look into it.
It seems that all the classes i need are in the
net.imagej.omero package. This is no longer included in the jars that are released from the omero website.

Is there a reason for this? Currently the only way i can get my program to work is by importing the imagej-omero 0.9.0 jar file as well as downloading the 5.5.10-all jar file from the website.
If i use the 5.5. plugin site i get a version error. If i use the jar alone the OMEROSession, OMEROService and OMEROLocation classes are no longer there.

I’d love a suggestion on how to solve this properly
Thanks Joost

See Omero FIJI plugin not working on server v5.6