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Omero Tips and Tricks gifs from Université Côte d’Azur-EMBRC France are available at :


Hi Sophie,

the link is no longer working (“Page not found”). Did you move to a new site? Would love to get an updated link.

Thanks, Anna

Hello Anna,

Our server for our website was in Strasbourg, so unfortunately we lost it due to the fire that happened in march. That’s why the links don’t work anymore. We are currently trying to get access to a new site to rebuild everything, but we encounter problems beyond our control that delays everything.
As soon as we have the new links, we’ll let people know (I can also send you the tips you are looking for in the meantime if needed, you can contact me at
So sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day


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Hi Sophie,

sorry to hear that! I hope you can rebuild everything soon without further issues. I really like your tips & tricks and wanted to recommend your website in our user FAQ’s. So it’s fine for me to wait until the new site is up again, there is no need to hurry.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer and all the best

Oh my goodness! Sorry I hadn’t realized. If there’s anything we can do like offering hosting even if just temporarily, please get in touch.


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