OMERO tags and lists of tags

Hi everyone, and happy new year.

We are planning to use OMERO routinely in our campus, and i wanted to make it clear if there is a way to copy image tags (or full lists of tags) between groups, or to centralize the creation of tags to the administrator, to allow them to be used by the groups users.

The main objective is to avoid the creation of redundant tags, to facilitate the image research by tag.

Best regards, Marc.

Hi Marc,

There is no built-in functionality for copying Tags between Groups or sharing Tags between Groups in OMERO. But it wouldn’t be too much work to create e.g. a Python script to do this with some logic for handling duplicates etc and this could be a server-side script that users could run from the clients, or an Admin could schedule this to run routinely etc.

There’s no way to prevent users creating their own Tags, although an Admin could routinely clean up user-created Tags as above.

Let us know if you need some help getting started with a script.
There are some examples of scripts developed by a user who wanted some similar functionality at e.g. omero-docker-compose/ at 4948c86ceaa6e594d337616e34702605119dc0a8 · saeri-ims/omero-docker-compose · GitHub (and other scripts in the same directory).