Omero service not responding

Hi Omero Tech team,
Thank you for all your support and service.
I had a issue with omero service, some time the Omero server is failed and stopped the service in the middle of the work, web is okay, but login failed, i need to restart the Omero admin newly.
PFA (found this in the /var/log message

Need to fix this issue, thanks in advance.

Hi @vsnlme108

does service omero-server status give some information about the causes for the failure? How was your server installed and on which platform?


Hi @s.besson

I’m using Centos os 7 and Omero OMERO.web 5.8.1.
Followed this steps

This is output of omero-server status

Thanks In advance


Unfortunately, the screenshot above does not give enough context about the source of the error. Could you share the output of omero admin diagnostics and omero config get?