OMERO.server installation on CentOS 7 0

I am trying to import into OMERO from the CLI, but I keep getting this error:
omero import tcf4_3_1_point5x_bis.ome.tiff
Cannot get JAR files from ‘/home/willama/miniconda3/envs/myenv/lib/lib/client’ (No such file or directory)

I’ve tried going through the installation for the OMERO server on Centos (, but I get stuck at this part:
omero config set “$OMERO_DATA_DIR”
sudo: omero: command not found

The import command needs the OMERO Java libraries. At the moment you have to download them manually from and put the extracted jar files into your home directory, which in your case would be /home/willama/omero/jars . In future this will be handled automatically.

Your installation issues: At this step you have to make sure that you switched successfully to the omero-server user: su - omero-server . And that the settings.env is loaded: . ~/settings.env (or whereever you put the settings.env)

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