Omero server feature request

I was trying to find a thread for omero server feature request and I could not find so I raised this topic.
I am using omero for teaching purposes and I believe that due to the current educational crisis created by COVID-19 I am not alone.
I would like OMERO to support multiple annotation layers based upon groups and users, with the possibility to limit the view of each layer. Basicaly, a teacher will add ROIs that are visible or not to other groups and students will add annotations for their own use that will not be visible to others (but the teacher). I am not sure if this is already possible with the current omero, so apologies if it is.

I would like to have different annotations for the same slide (they should have different slide_ID but the storage of the slide should not be duplicated). This will allow to prepare different contents without redundant use of slide space. Again, I did look around without finding if that is possible already.

Many thanks for this wonderful system that is OMERO

Joao Miguel

Hi Joao,

Functionality like this has been discussed in Setting up a quiz in OMERO.
Also slightly differently in Blind annotation in OMERO.

We don’t yet have the ability to “deep copy” to create a duplicate of an Image (with different ID) that shares the same original files on disk. There has been some work in that direction but we’re not there yet.
You will need to think of other ways to work around the existing permissions system, depending on how secure you want it to be for students to circumvent this (e.g. install other clients, use the OMERO API etc - although you could limit non-web access by restricting various ports).

The first topic above outlined a potential web-app route to investigate.



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