Omero Server Data migration

Hi Omero Team,

I need to migrate the data from older omero machine to newly installed omero machine.
Its running debain 10 OS

Older version is OMERO.web 5.2.1-ice35-b15 and is the production system 1 and testing site (system 2) is
OMERO.web 5.4.9-ice36-b101 and It have two set of different data’s and users.

Now i installed the 2 new version OMERO.web 5.8.0 and Omero 5.6. I wants to migrate the user and data’s from this 2 older version to newly installed Omero machine.

Kindly guide me how to do this.Provide any help documents to do this successfully.

Thanks in advance

Hi @vsnlme108,

There is currently no way to combine two separator OMERO instances into a single new database. If that is something you want to pursue, it will take significant development time.

Otherwise, this should be a fairly straight-forward process. If you look at the current upgrade docs, they will tell you:

so working backwards, you will need to follow in order:

to move your older server from 5.2 to 5.6. Only the first two steps should require a database upgrade. Your testing server would only need the second two steps and therefore, no database upgrade.

Let us know how it works out!

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Hi @joshmoore

Thanks for the detailed reply and answer
I want to migrate the data and user from following pattern (not to merge two OMERO instances.

OMERO.web 5.2.1 to OMERO.web 5.8.0 - separate machine - Production machine
OMERO.web 5.4.9- to OMERO.web 5.8.0 - in separate machine - Test machine

Thanks in advance

:+1: then everything should work as I described. Good luck! ~J

Hi @vsnlme108,

Strings that begin with - are treated specially by the CLI. All arguments after a -- will not be treated specially.

omero config set -- omero.policy.binary_access -read,+write,+image,-plate

Let us know how that works for you.

Hi @joshmoore Thanks for the reply.

Omero 5.2 Version web:
The command executed well but still I’m able to download the images in omero web, omero version is 5.2.

Omero 5.6 Version web:
The command executed i received this error message.


Oh wow. It’s quite likely that this option wasn’t supported back then. However, due to OME Resources Down due to UoD outage, it’s hard to provide you a link.

Are you perhaps the wrong user? You look to be the omero-web user but you are trying to edit the omero-server configuration?


Thanks @joshmoore it worked with 5.6, How can we do this in 5.2 omero version.

Hi @vsnlme108, glad to hear that the restrictions are working on OMERO 5.6 with the CLI command fix suggested above.

We are unsure about the remaining issue with OMERO 5.2 but please note this version is unsupported. Also we are assuming both production and test systems are being upgraded to the current supported version and you confirmed the restriction policies are working as expected, is that correct?

Unless there are additional concerns pertaining to the server migration, I would suggest to raise new issues as separate topics.


Thanks @s.besson
Will do

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