Omero.server configuration

I’m wondering if there are any best practices or suggestions for running OMERO.server and OMERO.web on a single machine? We’re a small group, 5 people and likely no more than 1 or 2 accessing the server at a time. Any tips on configuration (hardware etc) would be helpful. I’ve found the system requirements page and it is helpful, but I’m wondering if setting up an NVME scratch disk and a mirrored raid drives for data and image storage would be wise/helpful. Any tuning tips for a simple setup like this are further appreciated. Thank you!

I’m running on an older Supermicro system:
Xeon 1271 V3 (3.6 GHz)
32 GB ram
240 GB SSD (testing)
CentOS 7

Hi @Ahacking,

For the size of the group you are dealing with, I think the initial specifications you’ve laid out generally look good.

From experience, the need for additional storage solutions or compute specifications arises from how the service gets used and is typically driven by data growth and data consumption. As an example, one of your user might decide to load large volumes of imaging data into the server which will force to reconsider the provisioning of the data repository.

Individual components like the database, the server and/or the binary repository can independently be migrated to new systems at any time (obviously barring the migration downtime). Obviously feel free to use the resources of this forum to help making these decisions as needed.


Thanks, Sebastian. Has anyone installed OMERO.server and OMERO.web inside a TrueNAS jail? It would give high-speed access to a nice data store. Perhaps less appealing if there is a 10GB connection between the server and data store.

Hi Adam,

Leaving the community to speak up if they have tried this before, but we have not. That being said, I think only the OMERO.server would need to be in the jail which largely means that you need to have Java, Python and Ice properly installed. (Unless you want to also run PostgreSQL on the NAS but I don’t think this would be necessary)


Hi Josh,

I’m thinking 2 boxes, a NAS with the binary repository and the rest on the server.

Is it reasonable to assume that performance is mainly tied to database access latency and binary store read / write speed for a small setup?

I assume the database stores basic image info and is fairly small?

Scratch disk is mainly for image processing /manipulation.

Thank you

Think so, yes.

Yes. I’d think you’d stay under 10s of GBs for the initial period.