OMERO screens data import


I tried to import a series of images to a screen in OMERO but the images go straight to the orphanage images folder.
I had a series of images of a 96 well plate (1 image per well) and I thought that it would be suitable for that.

So my question is what sort of data one can import to a screen ?
Does it need to follow a specific naming conventions ?

I tried to find this info in the documentation but I was unsuccessful.
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi, @LPUoO,

Bio-Formats must detect your files as a plate in order to import successfully into a screen. What format are the files?


Thanks @joshmoore.
The files are simple .tif. One file per position. Each filename contains the well name (such as test1_Plate_R_p00_0_A01f00d4)


One option is to import all the Images into OMERO as separate images (as you have done already) then assemble them into a Plate using the script.

There’s a brief description and demo movie of the script at It’s a bit dated and shows the workflow in Insight client but this is still the same in the current webclient.

You just need to put your orphan images into a Dataset, then select the Dataset and launch the script. In webclient now, you launch scripts using the 2-cogs button in the top tool-bar.
This technique uses the naming of the images to order them. They are added to the plate in that order, going column-first OR row-first. Maybe try it with a small number of images first.

Another option is to try and assemble the images into a Plate before import to OMERO using OME-XML, but this is a bit more involved, so try the script approach first.

Hope that helps,