OMERO release versions and strategy?

Do you have any plans to develop the ROI part of the OME Model/schema? Do you have any plans to add support for GeoJSON to describe ROIs? Moved to Future OME ROI Developments?

I believe the OMERO release numbers are not now the same as software version numbers?
Can you correct me if I am wrong? Can you explain the OMERO release strategy?

Many thanks
Mike W

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I believe you’re referring to the server and clients releases no longer happen in sync. I think it’s just that, OMERO clients, even the web client, can happen at any time and separate from the server. This already happened before for other clients such as figure and iviewer, and now also happens for the importer, insight, and web client.

Some sort of guidance from upstream would be nice. It used to be that for server version X.Y.Z, any X.Y insight version would work. What happens now? I also trained my users to check the version by the main page of the web client which no longer works. How can a user know the version of insight they need to use to connect to a specific OMERO server (and how can they check it’s version number if knowing that is required)?

Hi @mwicks,

There are two main version numbers now: OMERO.server (5.6.1) and OMERO.web (5.6.3). The former is the version of the repository. The latter is the version of

Other repositories (omero-py, omero-insight, etc.) have their own versions.


Understood, and point taken. We’ve been working through ideas on a design issue. Input obviously welcome.