Omero move data to cold storage

Hi all,
A platform planning to use omero is managing data in a two stage way: “hot” data is stored on a file server and “cold” data on tapes with a higher access latency. We plan to import the images in place.

In that scenario, how can I update the path (I assume at least at the dataset level) of files moved from the hot to the cold storage facility?

Does omero fs rename cover this?



Hi @glyg,

Just to be overly careful, here we should talk about Filesets. Every import creates a single Fileset which can have multiple Images. The entries of the Filesets specify where the files are to be found.

omero fs rename does something similar but of a more limited case than what you need. It’s intended to be used when a server-level configuration has changed and filesets need changing en masse.

Would changing the symlinks under /OMERO/ManagedRepository be an option?

If not, then likely you’d need to adapt the logic of fs rename but there may be other barriers. It would be something of a research project.


Thanks for the detailed answer Josh. I’m trying to get in touch with the relevant sysadmin to get more info on the underlying filesystem. As I intend to do the import in place, I guess I could change the symlink? I definitely need more info on the underlying architecture!


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Hi @glyg,

You’ll let us know when you find out more?

As for the symlinks, OMERO doesn’t make any assumptions beyond that the path in the database remains within /OMERO/ManagedRepository (and guarantees that only the right users access any given file within).

If the server process has permissions to follow a symlink out of that directory then that’s fine.


Hi Josh,
yes, I should get in touch with the relevant people soon, so I’ll keep you posted, thanks!

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