Omero LDAP issues


I’ve hit some LDAP issues while setting up a Docker based Omero install. I can login successfully when I use firstname, lastname, but I need the server to authenticate via uid instead. The user_mapping option is set to:


Looking at our LDAP server logs, Omero seems to be searching via cn instead of uid. Could the server be ignoring the above and using the default setting user_mapping instead (omeName=cn)? I’ve tried rebuilding the container multiple times and checking the config via bin/omero config get, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

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Hi Dred
Will it be possible to send us the logs via
It might take a few days before we get back to you. We have limited manpower at the moment, few members of the team are on holidays.



Hi Jmarie,

Thank you for the reply. No worries about the delay.

I’ll upload an excerpt from the Blitz log along with our server config.

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Thanks for the log and config info.
We will check and get back to you



Hi @Dred,

In your Docker environment you need to escape underscores with another underscore. e.g. omero.ldap.user_mapping becomes CONFIG_omero_ldap_user__mapping.

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Hi Josh,

That’s perfect - it now works as expected. Thank you very much!



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