Omero iviewer zoom limits

A pure perhaps naive interface question for Omero Iviewer . Working with rather large stitched images. Seems that for smaller images I can zoom to 4000% while for larger one I cant go beyond “161%”.

I am using ivewer 0.9.1 and we are running our own server.

It seems to be the same here: … ataset=373

Any input would be appriciated.

Best, Staffan

Hi Staffan,

I started to look into this and opened a PR at

What do you think would be good maximum zoom for ‘Big’ images?
4000% seems a bit too much?


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Hi all,

I’m reviving this topic because I have a similar request for OMERO.figures:
For most images (except big images like slide scanner .vsi files), the maximum zoom in OMERO.figure seems to be set to 1000%, like in this example:

Would it be possible to increase this maximum zoom factor in OMERO.figures?
I was able to “cheat” with this limitation by creating a small rectangular ROI and by cropping the panel accordingly like shown in the print below, but it is not really convenient and not well editable.

Still, it suggests me that the maximum zoom factor could be increased somehow?


Hi Clair,

Thanks for the feedback.
I created an issue at Zoom over 1000% · Issue #428 · ome/omero-figure · GitHub

In the meantime, you could also zoom above 1000% by using the Crop button and drawing a tiny crop region. Once the Zoom slider has been expanded to a higher range, you can still use it to choose an intermediate Zoom level.



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Hi Will,

thank you for your answer. Being able to edit the Zoom value as a text field would be a great solution indeed!