Omero iviewer performance tuning

I’ve given access to iviewer to some pathologists that I’m working with and came back with some feedback about browsing speed.

One issue in particular is that since the image is fetched tile-wise, jumping between regions of the image can appear pretty slow. At the moment it takes between 600-1000 ms to load tiles when the viewport is changed (measured in the network monitor of Chrome). When using OpenSeaDragon it is possible to ask the tool to pre-load all tiles, even if the tiles aren’t actually drawn until the viewport is moved. Is there such an option in iviewer?

Are there any other options in Omero Server/Web that can be tweaked to improve image loading speed in the browser?

Not currently, no.

There are various things to tweak, but it may be a process of profiling and iterating. Have you already looked at ? There may be a straight-forward parameter (poolsize and JVM memory come to mind) that could be turned. Otherwise, we’ll have to try to start from the client and work our way down to IO.

Another option if you’d like to try it out are the microservices from Glencoe. You can find them under – they run separately to OMERO.server and are registered in your nginx to handle particularly slow HTTP calls. (Tuning nginx itself is, of course, yet another option.)