Omero-iviewer can't display more then 500 ROIS

I have images in OMERO with many ROIs. In the case of my specific example image its 1032 ROIs.
When I open this image in OMERO-iviewer (0.6.0), only the first 500 ROIs are there. The same is true when opening the image in OMERO-figure (v4.0.2).

Is there a ROI limit for the OMERO-iviewer and OMERO-figure?
An additional question regarding figure: Is there an option to “add all” ROIs to the image in the figure?

Thanks for your help!

This was fixed in iviewer 0.7.0, see:

I didn’t see any existing issues for these, so I opened:


Hi @joshmoore,

thanks for checking and opening the tickets for figure! We’ll update the iviewer !:slight_smile:

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