OMERO.iviewer ... a strage URL change when clicked on a thumbnail


We have installed a new version of OMERO iviewer (v.0.8.0) to our CHAMBER server, and are enjoying lots of new features, some of which we requested.

We noticed that when we access an image by URL specification, eg, clicking a thumbnail on the left will change the URL eg. Whereas the addition of ?images=116&dataset=51 are understandable, I wonder what is the use of &haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_ is for. But maybe it serves for a purpose.

Then, we figured out that now the OMERO accepts URL specifying multiple images, eg.,117. This is really cool!

When we click a thumbnail, then the URL has the suffix &haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_, eg.,117&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_.

If we do that again, the suffix is added again and you get,117&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_

This goes on forever and you can get something absurd like,117&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_&haveMadeCrossOriginLogin_

Iā€™m sure this is not what it was meant to be.


Thanks for reporting that bug. I created an issue at


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