OMERO.iviewer 0.8.0 release

Today we are releasing version 0.8.0 of OMERO.iviewer: an OMERO.web app
for visualizing images in OMERO.

This version requires OMERO 5.4.0 or newer.
This version includes:

  • show a grid indicating the number of ROIs on each Z/T plane #245
  • show Shape info in a popup on the image #248
  • improve accuracy of Ellipse area calculation #263
  • support sorting of ROIs in the table #264
  • fix opening of Images in a Well when not in your default group #271

For installation instructions go to
omero-iviewer on PyPI.

For more information about OMERO.iviewer in general, and to watch an
introductory movie, see
OMERO.iviewer webpage.

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists.

The OME team

There’s a demo of the new 0.8.0 features at