OMERO.insight on 32 bit Windows


We just updated our OMERO server to 5.5.1 (from 5.4.10). When installing OMERO.insight client on our computers, I found out I cannot install it on 32 bit version of Windows XP (we still have a few of those that we cannot upgrade). I was wondering if the support for 32 bit Windows was dropped or is there a way to install OMERO.insight on those computer ?

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Yes, 32-bit installations have been deprecated since OMERO 5.3 when we expected to drop 32-bit in 5.4. For OMERO 5.5 we finally did so - see In general we tend to drop systems that no longer have active security support for the safety of our own testing and, practically speaking, there are only so many different combinations of platform that we can test. Sorry to bring you bad news on this front.

PS - Erratum - Judging from it looks as if even back in OMERO 5.1.0 we expected to wholly drop it in 5.2! I guess it’s surprising they lasted as long as they did. :smile:

Thank you for the answer. Is there another way to upload images on the server from these computers ?

Are you aware of OMERO.dropbox? If you set that up on your OMERO server so that it watches a folder that you can export to your old Windows machines so that they can write files to it then that might be a viable option. The folder has to be local enough to the server for the file notifications to work to trigger import (the documentation explains).

Thank you. I’ll take a look at this.

I tried the Linux/zip version (probably not bundled with Java) and it works fine on the old 32-bits computer.

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