OMERO.insight login failure

My research lab has an OMERO server with 4.5TB of image data, set up years ago by someone who has since left. The server is running OMERO version 5.1.2 (I know this is very outdated). We have 2 older computers with OMERO.insight v 5.1.2 that can successfully access the server with my login. I am also able to access the server via OMERO.web, so I know my login works and the server is functioning.
I downloaded OMERO.insight client v 5.1.2 on 2 more computers (one is macOS and other is Windows 7), however, I get an error on both computers when I try to log in (picture below).

I know that my login info is correct. I am not experienced with OMERO, but I wonder if it has to do with the outdated version of OMERO and/or the Java version of the computer. If anyone has ideas about how to resolve this, I would greatly appreciate it!

I would very much expect that this is a combination of Java version & SSL implementation. There are a number of threads covering the problems we’ve had with this, even with newer versions.

I realize it’s not what you want to hear but I feel very much obligated to say: I strongly encourage you to upgrade your systems. Please see if you have not yet.

All the best,