OMERO.insight client connection to institute server failed

I am trying to connect to my institute server using OMERO.insight client installed in my linux machine but ends up getting the error ‘Please check your username and/or password or try again later’ with the right credentials. The same error is thrown while trying to connect to OMERO demo server.

Details of my system, client and server

System: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
Java version: 11.0.6

OMERO.insight client downloaded: OMERO.clients-4.4.11-ice35-b114.linux (also tried OMERO.clients-Beta4.1.1.linux )

server: Acapella Version which utilizes the open source database OMERO 4.4.11

I used the login credentials we usually use to login to the institute microscopy service and hope got the right compatible version of programs on my side to connect to the server. I have also made sure with the network departments that all the ports required to to establish connection with sever are open and not blocked.
Could someone help me to figure out what’s wrong in establishing this connection.


Hi Gayathri

The error is due to the newer version of Java and OpenSSL.
We fixed the issues in the newer versions of OMERO, your version is quite outdated. We released 5.6 few weeks ago, you may want to consider upgrading.

One thing you could try is to modify the system property "jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms" and remove anon from the list of values.

This should hopefully allow you to connect via the OMERO.insight client



Hi Jmarie,
Thanks for your response.
I can now connect to demo server with the latest version, however still not able to connect to the institute server. The error message I am getting is
Failed to logon to OMERO.
Error:System Failure

Since I am able to connect with demo server assume the the problem should be on the institute server side. I will contact them meantime appreciate your advise too if there is anything else I can do to rectify this issue.