OMERO: import .csv and .xlsx file in a project as attachments

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I am trying to import (via OMERO.insight) .csv and .xlsx to a dataset in a project.
The import process fails, I think because they are not images.
How could I import them? maybe as attachments?


Hi Emanuele,
yes, you can add them as attachments in the right hand side metadata panel:


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ok, from there I can.
But there is a way to do it automatically?
Imagine a scenario like this:

  1. User1 generates data
  2. the images data will be put on omero
  3. User2 analyse those data -> generating 20 analysis files per experiment (some images: the boundaries of segmented ROIs, some plots with the results, some .csv files with analysis result)
  4. User2 wants to import all this analysis result in the same Omero Project where User1 had put the image to analyse.

Has User2 to click on the + button of OMERO.web every time User1 asks User2 to analyse its data?
Is it possible to tell someway (even via CLI) to OMERO to import the .csv files directly as attachments?

thank you

Yes, you can script it. In your scenario User1 and User2 have to be in a read-annotate group, so that User2 is allowed to ‘annotate’ User1’s data. Depending on which tools you use to analyse the data, you choose the API accordingly to get the results back into OMERO. For example if you have something Python based (scikit-image etc.) you probably want to use the Python API to attach the results, see . But of course you can also write a bash script which uses the CLI for a more generic approach, see .
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