Omero image server installation for Orbit on PC running Windows 10 PC

Hi, I just installed Orbit on my windows 10 laptop. How to I install the Omero image server and connect to Orbit? Please help. Thank you.

Hi @mbravi2 OMERO itself is no longer supported to run on the Windows platform but you may not need it at all. Orbit can simply load images in a wide variety of formats directly from file. Simply switch the Image Provider from Remote to Local:

If you really do need an image database, you could install OMERO inside a VM on your Windows system or possibly you can do so with Docker (but I’ll let the OME team chime whether that works).

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The OMERO server doesn’t have to run on the same machine, it can run anywhere and you can connect from your local Orbit installation over the network to it, see OMERO guides: Orbit Image Analysis. But like Damir said, if you want to have it all on your laptop, a Virtual Machine running CentOS or using Docker is your best choice. You can try to install an OMERO server on a Windows machine, it probably still works, but it is quite a hassle and definitely not recommended or supported!