Omero image import to a user/admin defined file id

I have a bunch of images in an existing image database, where images have already been assigned a unique long integer. I’d like to import them into Omero server. It may be necessary to later extract information from those images and then link back to the original data source. So it would be really nice if I can specify the Image ID (at least that is what it is labeled in the Omero Web interface): in Omero at import time. Is that possible?

You should use an Annotation for that purpose. I suggest using MapAnnotations, which let you define a name space and supply key-value pairs.

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You can’t choose the OMERO Image ID in OMERO as that’s automatically assigned when you create or import an Image. But as @mellertd suggests, you can store the external ID as an annotation on the Image once it’s imported.
This could be as a MapAnnotation or as a LongAnnotation or even as a URL in a Comment.

Thanks both. I think that will allow us to do what we need.