OMERO - how to overcome + configure ulimits for Blitz

Hi Josh,

following up our discussion on, webbug 27952.

In fact I already had configured a custom (=increased) ulimit for running OMERO, however it had not been picked-up the the OMERO processes including Blitz.
The solution as suggested in your documentation seems to work for any interactive shells but will be still ignored by OMERO started via systemd.

/etc/security/limits.conf already has something like

omeronas  soft  nofile  16384
omeronas  hard  nofile  16384

Nevertheless, OMERO processes will still run with the default value of “8192” when checking for the currrent process limits as seen with cat /proc/PID/limits.

I tried to find more details about that topic and it seems that you have to define modified values for process limits within the systemd start-up script that handles the corresponding service.
Therefore, I now put something like


into the start-up script which seems to work much better.

What do you think?
Best regards,