OMERO.figure sharing issue

Hi All
Sorry for the basic question. When others use the link for my OMERO.figure figures (as exported in info_page.pdf), it simply opens a blank page. Is there a basic option I need to change in order to share it?
Many Thanks

The likely problem here is that the users you’re sharing the link with don’t have permissions to view the figure (or the images within the figure).

Can you check whether the data is in the same group as the Users you’re sharing the link with (and that the permissions on the group is not “Private”?


Hi Will

Thanks for your reply.

The image files were originally in ‘My Data’ (private) when I made the figures. In the last few days I have moved all the original image files to our shared lab group, which also contains the people I am trying to share with. The permissions there are set to ‘Read-Annotate’.
Many Thanks

OK, so I think the figure file itself will need to be moved to the ‘Read-Annotate’ group.
This is not very easy from the webclient application but can be achieved using the command line and is something that your Admin should be able to help you with.
The chgrp command can be used with the ID of the figure file (File Annotation ID).