Omero figure box annotations rotated incorrectly

Hi, We use omero figure and we love it for reporting, but we noticed a problem when we put box annotations on the figures. If we take an image and rotate it and then put a box on that rotated image the rotation of the box doesn’t match the rotation of the image it was copied from. See the example below. The original whole slide image is on the left. Then I zoomed into one section (middle image) and then zoomed in again to something I want to highlight on the right image. If I do the trick where I copy the ‘Close up’ image in the Preview tab and then go to the middle image and select Labels and Paste the box that appears shows the close up region, but the rotation is incorrect:

Can this be fixed? Thanks! John

Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback. I created an issue at
This is a known issue, which hasn’t been addressed due to the limitation in the Rectangle editing tools - Currently you can’t rotate a Rectangle or resize a Rotated rectangle in the Edit tools. But maybe we can just disable editing for rotated Rectangles as we do with Polygons. Or even simply create a Polygon instead of a Rotated rectangle.


Hi Will,

Not surprised someone has already noticed this. Properly oriented boxes are almost always necessary on a relatively complicated figure so we put them on in powerpoint afterwards. I definitely vote for whatever solution works even if it means giving up some functionally of the editing tools when one hasn’t rotated a figure.

best, John

This and a couple of other rotation-related bugs should be fixed in and, once merged, will be in the next release.


Awesome! thanks for working on this. Sorry for the delayed reply. Happy Holidays! -John

A fix for this was released today: omero-figure/ at e0f19d8c38ae3cfc9248f632df285fd4e0b6f2cb · ome/omero-figure · GitHub