OMERO docker-compose size


i have been using OMERO from a docker-compose instead of having it installed fully on a server.
At the moment the images have been imported in OMERO using the in-place import, however, i need now to give to some users the opportunity to use also OMERO insight and import directly images to the docker-compose container.

How do i know what is the size of the container? How many images can i store in it without overfilling it and making it very slow? Where do i check this information and more importantly, would be possible to expand the size of the container?

Thank you very much.


Your /OMERO directory should be mounted as a Docker volume outside of the docker container, which means it’ll be limited by the disk space on your server. You could check using something along these lines:

docker-compose exec omero
df -h /OMERO

@manics it worked fine the only change i have done is running

docker-compose exec omero bash

then from the container as you suggested

df -h /OMERO

I noticed i have more space than thought!
thanks a lot