OMERO database hardware spec recommendations

I feel I might be getting somewhere with our local IT infrastructure in terms of pushing on with an OMERO server for our facility’s imaging data. As well as them asking for the software requirements (easy to find on the OMERO server), they would like to know how powerful the database server needs to be. The OMERO server will be connecting to a network mounted image data store, so the OMERO server would be handling the uploads to the database and basic integrated analysis vie ImageJ/Fiji.
We intend the database to support our user base of several hundred users, and we aim to have OMERO set up with each group having access to their own data only, managed by the groups leader (ideally, and hopefully using Active Directory). Probably generating about 50-80Tb a year approx. I would anticipate having several (a dozen maybe?) users logged in at once via the web client. I want to get the data to upload automatically from local acquisition PCs into each respective users group folder, and they can then sort into projects with metadata updates etc.

Can anyone recommend a rough hardware spec that should be asked for? And can it run as a VM for so many users simultaneously?



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When I was looking for similar information (but smaller requirements), I found this page: System requirements — OMERO 5.6.3 documentation and also this one: Example production server set-ups — OMERO 5.6.3 documentation that might be useful at least to set a range.

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Thanks Vincenzo! I have no idea how I didn’t find either! I was fairly sure something should exist.