Omero connection

I used to use Omero software and Omero plugin within Imagej 1.51. It worked all fine.

I uninstalled imageJ1.51 because it was installed in program files directory and would not update.
I installed Fiji (imageJ 1.52i), reinstalled the omero plugin. First connection worked fine, didn’t have to reconfigure omero server adress.
I switched off the computer (PC/Win7) restarted and now I cannot login to omero server from omero software but only from ImageJ Omero plug in… error message in Omero software says: System failure.

Any idea how to fix that?



The OMERO team does not frequent this forum… so if I were you (if you are still having difficulties), I would try contacting them directly.

… but we’re ramping up!

Did you figure out your problem, @chr? If not, can you paste more of the error message that you are seeing?


Hi, it was a java version issue after an update… back then!