OMERO client ServiceFactory question - illegal encapsulation

Hi OMERO Team,
I’m new to OMERO, and am trying to simply hit the server with a query example

IQueryPrx q = sf.getQueryService();
String query_string = “select from Image i where = :id and name like :namedParameter”;

ParametersI p = new ParametersI();
p.add(“id”, rlong(1L));
p.add(“namedParameter”, rstring("%art223%"))
List results = q.findAllByQuery(query_string, p);

If there is no result, there is not a problem, but if a result comes back, I get
unknown = “…/…/include/Ice/BasicStream.h:307: Ice::EncapsulationException: protocol error: illegal encapsulation”

It seems I missed something in setting up my client. Any thoughts or “getting Started” links would be appreciated.

Hi @khaugh. Welcome to!

This is a pretty low-level error so it’s not likely there’s anything wrong with your code itself. Can you tell us more about how you installed OMERO? What does omero admin diagnostics show?


I’m using the omero-client “5.3.0-ice36” in Java app running 1.8 against the latest server install.
I get the same error when I try to hit the “”. I wondered if there was a setting that needs to be set to allow a server to accept client sessions, although it seems like both servers accepted the connection.

Could you try with a 5.5 version of insight?

Yes, I’m able to log in with v5.5.14

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Do you know the latest Omero-client.jar?
It looks like there is
But I am not finding that in MAVEN.

The primary client dependency is now omero-gateway-java at version 5.6.5.